Dec. 26, 2016

3 New Year's Resolution Hacks

I love New Years! The idea of a fresh start, a transition, a future of hope and the next chapter of the story that is my life (and your life as well) is extremely inspiring. Each year I try to think of a valuable New Year's Resolution or two, but most years I end up losing it after only a month or two. I want this year to be different, so I went all out…I Googled "what makes a great New Year's Resolution." Unfortunately it didn't really help much, until I found one little article on an obscure site that actually had some practical ideas.

First was the concept of "just pick one thing!" I know, I have so many areas to improve on (sorry, I'm not Mary Poppins and practically perfect in every way), which makes it hard to limit my resolution to just one area. Often I pick a few, thinking that I can handle a few changes at once, but my brain doesn't work that way. I need to make one change at a time. Make it specific, and make it something actually worth striving for. If I have more than one resolution, then I lose focus and failure is biting at my heels, followed closely by guilt and self-deprecation.

The second was all about "planning ahead." If I don't make a good plan for succeeding, then by default I am making a plan to fail. No one stumbles his or her way into consistently improving life. It takes work and deliberate decisions that coincide with journey toward the goal. Planning ahead involves scheduling, prioritizing, and telling my time and energy where it will go. Unproductive desires must take a back seat to the resolution I am making.

The third thing is my most difficult area, "accepting failures." Failures can either be catalysts for further change, or they can be brick walls to the future I want. To handle failure appropriately, I have to be mindful of how I respond to them. I need to prepare for them by acknowledging that they will happen and not allow myself the opportunity to break myself down over them. Instead, I need to respond positively by looking at them in the context of the entire narrative of what I am trying to do. If I instead take the time to go through and think about how I got myself to that point of failure and think through ways of avoiding those pitfalls, I win a greater battle than the failure ever cost me.

Overall, these three things are what I am using to craft my successful New Year's Resolution. 2017 is going to be a fantastic year, and I want to grab hold of all that I can from it. I hope that you also find inspiration to push forward this next year to improve your life and the person you are. If you are one of my clients or are interested in making health a part of your New Year's Resolution, feel free to contact me so we can work on your resolution together. Then, if you have the courage, take a moment to post your resolution on our Facebook page and see what others are saying as well. Have a great holiday season! Happy New Year!