Mar. 18, 2016

Stepping Out

Sometimes it is hard to move through transitions in life. Brant and I have been going through our fair share of them lately, and although it will be good in the long run, it also can be very unnerving. The first Sunday of March was his last day at the job he's worked at for 9 years. I can see how much stress it causes him to be leaving, but he is also very confident that it was time for him to move on. I know I can relate.

In life, there are moments when you need to take steps into the unknown in order to grow. Many of these steps are small but still very terrifying. They can require us to let down our façade of strength and always being in control, in order to lean on others and be encouraged in who we are. I see that in most of the clients I coach. They are striving to hide from the world and minimize the pain, the shame, and the guilt that they feel. It is only when they open up and take that step of faith that they find freedom and hope for their lives. I guess our big job is to listen for those people that are hurting and to watch for opportunities to help in various ways.

I think that is one of Brant's best attributes. He loves people so unconditionally, which is why I'm extremely excited that he is going to be working with me! Being a health coach and growing a business takes work and even though that work is very fulfilling, it will be amazing to have him jump on board with me. But really this isn't about me. What I am really looking forward to is what this is going to do for him and other people. I know that he will find an outlet as a coach to release who he is into other people's lives. And that is what this world needs; someone who will listen, guide, and encourage people to be all that they dream of. I think he's going to do that really well! It's going to be a great year!