Aug. 28, 2015

King of the Elephants!

My husband has a weekly email that he puts out for his team, and I really loved the idea of his last one. He was speaking about Winnie the Pooh and the deeper correlations it has with life, especially in terms of faith. It not only got me thinking about my spirituality, but it also got me reminiscing on some of my own favorite childhood stories. How many of you remember Babar? I really enjoyed reading about his adventures as the child “King of the Elephants.” It was funny to think of a child as a king, but really what child doesn’t want to be king (or rather a leader)? Follow the leader, ring around the rosie, hide and seek, or even games of tag. We all know how important it was to be the person that was “it.”I think there is something empowering about being a leader. I never really considered myself to be a leader by vocation or otherwise, but recently that has become extremely important to the success of my clients. I need to be confident in knowing how to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

Another one of my favorite book series was the Berenstain Bears. There was something special about how they interacted as a family on the various adventures they had, as well as the morals that they were reinforcing in me. It is funny, but I think I married Papa Bear! My husband is so goofy with the kids, and yet so in love with me, the Mama Bear. He is always trying to express his love for his family, yet he also has some of Papa Bear’s silly little idiosyncrasies. One of my laughable ones is what I refer to as Brant the Dropper. He can be holding something, perfectly fine, but then 2 seconds later its on the ground and we have a mess, lol! It is so funny, and he laughs about it too (but he never seems to drop a cup of coffee...go figure???).

But really the wonder of those bears was how they functioned as a family. There are so many things that shape our lives growing up and our perspective on how a family is supposed to function that is often not thought about, but rather instilled in us. In watching my family interact, I see these little personalities pull together to make a family unit. Watching my kids play is very much like reading about Brother Bear and Sister Bear (of course I do have my Logey Bear, which may add more meaning to this nostalgic moment). Yes they have their moments, but in general they get along really well. I guess the only scary part about being the overlay of that bear family is me... I don’t like bonnets or night caps and don’t even get me started on the muumuus that Mama Bear wore.

For some reason Mama Bear is not how I see myself. I hope I’m being that nurturing force inside the family, but really Mama Bear didn’t seem to be adventurous enough for me. I want to be the mom that goes sky diving, white water rafting, takes on the biggest roller coaster, and takes the big waves while surfing in Hawaii. No offense to Mama Bear, but I didn’t really see that in her. I saw other qualities that I wanted though: she always expressed her love for her cubs, she remained calm as the family was exploding over some meaningless thing, and her consistent patience with Papa Bear. She was an amazing mom, and that is the thing that I want to be for my family. I really want to be that mom that helps to encourage my family to be all that it can be... but without the muumuus and bonnets.