Aug. 13, 2015


I have to say that if there is anything that is more fulfilling in life than being a mother, I'm not sure what it could be. Macy and Logan have the uncanny ability to make me feel like I'm the most amazing person in the world. It can be through many different ways, but recently it has been through Logan's progress into the field of "abstract art."

It is funny, but a child's art reveals a lot about their personality. Macy loved to color in coloring books and always tried to stay within the lines. She was very impressive in how quickly she was able to develop her fine motor skills. Logan on the other hand, took a bit longer, and really never has been one to enjoy coloring until recently. Even now, he doesn't really seem to be too interested in coloring books, but he is extremely interested in making lines on blank pieces of paper.

The fascinating part about Logan's current artwork is that none of the lines touch each other. He spends so much time working on these masterpieces, then he places them in an envelope and gives them to me as a "present." Each of these pieces are representations of who he is as a growing little person. They are a snapshot of what is working through his brain at this moment, but really what they are is him sharing his world with me.

Isn't that the most amazing thing on the planet? Each day I get four or five of these reminders about how much I am loved and about how excited he is to have me in his world. I know I could easily turn this toward a message of being mindful of the moments that children are offering to us, but instead I want to ask a deeper question for myself. Who do I need to reach out to and express my appreciation to? There are people that I treasure in my life and love very dearly. Family, friends, clients, and so many others that need to know that they are valuable in my world.

I have been given the power, just like you, to make someone aware that they are important to me. So perhaps it's time for me to metaphorically break out Logan's markers and make my own picture to give to someone just to say they matter. Would you join me this week in telling at least one person around you how special they are? Please take a moment and post below what some of their reactions are and how it changed your day as well. Have a great week everyone!