Jul. 21, 2015

Brant's Perspective

So after posting my story last week, I realized that I have never really heard it from my husband, Brant’s perspective. He wanted to share what it was like going through this journey with me and how it changed him as well. He has been such a fantastic supporter and encourager, so I thought you would enjoy hearing about what it was like from his end. This is his story…

After previewing Mikaela's blog post last week, I was inspired. She reached out beyond her protective shell and really explained what was not only going on physically for her, but also emotionally as well. To reveal her soul like that took an amazing amount of courage, and I realized that I have never explained what it was like to walk with her through all of this.

I count myself to be one of the few people on this planet that actually married their true love. We dated for three years before our wedding day, and I can personally say that the pictures don't do justice for how beautiful she was. As the years rolled by and two amazing kids came into our life, I was completely ignorant of her weight gain. Sometimes I would catch her literally in tears as she was forced to go up yet another size, or had to have a picture taken, but in my mind I saw her as that beautiful girl that I married.

I now can see the spiritual and mental attack that was being waged against my wife. It took eight years and a return trip to her neurologist to wake me up out of my ignorance. In that meeting, he made it extremely clear that if we didn't change our lifestyle that she would probably lose her eyesight or, in a worst-case scenario, I could be a single parent. As we left that appointment to fill the prescriptions I can remember the tears that were cried in the car. I can remember Logan's little face in his car seat (Macy was at grandma's house), and I felt helpless.

There is so much that went on in my head that I will never be able to write or express, but what I can say is that the prayers over my wife and our life together shifted dramatically. My prayers were specifically focused on her wellbeing purely for the health and stability of our family. Then she heard about something different. It really seemed too good to be true. A "diet" that was designed to burn fat with initially no exercise. I will never forget the conversation about it in the car. This decision wasn't just for her, it was for our family and I knew that I had to support this by altering my own desires to help empower her for success. I really had no clue how much of a positive change it would make in our lives (and that change is still continuing to unfold).

As she went through the program, I watched the weight evaporate week-by-week and month-by-month. It was almost surreal. I kept watching for her strength and commitment to waiver, but instead I saw her resolve increase and her confident personality return. It was astounding! Then, she was asked by her coach if she wanted to potentially help other people experience the same freedom she was going through. She was extremely quick to say on the phone, "I don't think that is me. I'm not that kind of person." Over the following week we thought more about it, and finally I asked her, "You seem so passionate and alive around this program, why not just give it a try?"

Sometimes the big life changing moments happen subtly and you don't even know how much a decision can change your life. The decision to do this program was an amazing decision, but the decision to become a coach was equally impressive. I have to say that because of decisions like that; I actually got to see her in her wedding dress for our 10th anniversary! And I do have to say that she was just as magically beautiful that day!