Jul. 6, 2015

What Can I Do Today?

I have had a few people tell me recently that I should post a semi-recent Facebook post on here as a blog entry. It was a very thought provoking and sit-on-it-until-I-can-digest-it type of a post (at least for me!). So here it goes. Let me know what you think!


So my epiphany of the week: I’m really busy. Now, this may seem obvious or old news, but I realized it today in a different way. When Brant and I were dating, and even when we were married before kids, we would seek out people that needed help. We loved helping people push their cars to the side of the road if it had died, taking someone to get a couple gallons of gas, giving someone the coat off our backs or buying someone a meal. Having kids and then having busy jobs, school, houses, etc, has just really taken away our free time and our awareness.


This revelation came to me about 15 minutes ago as I sit here in the McDonald’s parking lot. I come here every once in a while, get a diet coke and sit in the parking lot to use their internet for work in between meetings or when I don’t have enough time to head home. I came out of the McDonald’s with my diet coke in hand to be asked by a young guy, probably not even 20, if I had one dollar. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I don’t ever carry cash. I got in my car and started working. After about a minute, the thought of this kid wasn’t going away and I knew it was my job during this one random chance meeting to buy his lunch.


I don’t know this kid’s story, and I don’t have to know it. But I do know that he needs a friend and he does need a meal. All he ordered were chicken nuggets and a vanilla milkshake and he was forever grateful. I was able to talk with him for just a couple minutes to show him that not everyone is cruel and we are capable of loving our neighbors.


Even when finances are tight, we will always have more than someone else. This kid has inspired me to be more aware and diligent of the little things I can do to make this world a better place. All of that for $6.